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Fearless, Fabulous YOU!
5 Powerful Steps To
Rock Your Life!
  Subscribe To My List Below & Receive my FREE Ebook:
Fearless, Fabulous YOU!  5 Powerful Steps To Rock Your Life!
Hey, Rock Star
You no longer have to feel overwhelmed or frustrated...
You just need the right mindset, strategy, systems, and support to rock your business.
Are you ready to inspire, impact and increase your income....while working less?
I'm here to show you how!
I can help you to create a business doing what you love, sharing your uniqueness, gifts and passions with the world, with step-by-step systems to help you launch your own business so you can live abundantly, in freedom and rock your greatest life!
I believe in doing life differently, and I can help YOU start living the freedom lifestyle while doing what you love!
So if you feel you are ready to do life on your own terms, then the time is NOW…
Let's change the way families live and earn a living!
Do life differently!
Are you ready to do life differently?
Hi, I'm Starrwyn
Also known as the Barefoot Mom, a FreedomPreneur, leveraging the digital economy so I can be home with my kids.

I am the founder of Digital Rock Starr and the creator of the Rock Your Life and Rock Your Biz program. I am a branding strategist and certified branding coach that women entrepreneurs call when they need to create a personal brand, get visible online and create a rocking business with automated systems without all the frustration and overwhelm.

My area of expertise is Mindset, Branding, Marketing and Funnels. I help my clients get clear on their message, automate their systems and become an authority in their niche.

I have worked closely with one of the best personal branding coaches online, and I am the Head Coach of the Sexy Brand Building Formula Program, and know just how to find your runway to the money strategy and create a sexy brand and turn it into a profit making machine!
Are you ready to rock your business, work less and make more?
Then connect with me and start doing life differently!
"Your legacy is being written by yourself. Make the right decisions."
Gary Vaynerchuk
My Programs
Rock Your Life
Discover How To Overcome Your Limitations And Doubts So You Can Achieve Your Greatest Potential!

Discover This Simple, Step-By-Step Blueprint To Finding Your True Extraordinary Self!

Rock Your Biz 
Business In A Box 
"Done For You" Program

For business owners that require the necessary digital assets to dominate their niche online

For new entrants to the online world that want to start off as an authority & use a high converting funnel as an affiliat e

We are a full service agency with "Done For You" Branding, Product Creation, Sales Funnels, Marketing & Launch Plan.
Rock Your Brand
12-week "DWY" (Done With You)
Private Coaching Program.

This is a live group interactive brand building course designed to help you finally build your brand and start a profitable and purposeful business you love.

This course was made for you, especially if you’ve been held back by fear, indecision and confusion about how to build your brand and turn it into a profit-making machine.

You Want More?
Branding Cheat Sheet
Why Build A Personal Brand?
Discover which Runway To The Money Strategy™ is right for you and your business – and what’s possible when you take one step at a time consistently.

Tangibles and Intangibles
What is this and why is it so important?

Social Media Dominance
Reverse engineer your marketing plan

You will also get exclusive access to a private  
Masterclass digging deep into building your
SEXY Brand & Turning It Into A Profit Making Machine
The Academy
Regardless of whether you’re just starting out in your first business, or you are ready to take a mature business to the next level, the Freedom-Preneur Academy will equip and empower you to automate your business, sky-rocket your revenue and create the business you have yearned to create.

Receive instant access to the
"8 Pillars Of Running A Successful Online Business"

Sexy Brand Building Workshop
What you will learn in this *Free* Workshop:

Why you need to stop buying digital Courses, struggling to figure it out & get it all DONE FOR YOU.

Why you don't need a huge list or be tech savvy to create & launch your first profitable course.

and more!

Raising Entrepreneurs Program
Unschooling is perfect for the entrepreneur and for raising future entrepreneurs!
Unschooling allows kids the freedom to pursue their own personal interests, own their passions, dreams and goals. They have control over their own learning, in their own time and in their own way. 
Learning happens naturally and gives kids a greater sense of independence and the opportunity to follow their interests and go after their dreams while sharing adventures and making discoveries! 
Do You Dare To Do Life Differently?
Starr Talk With Starrwyn
The #1 Show For Digital Rock Starr's
Why 'Barefoot', you may ask?
Well, basically it's a metaphor for how you live your don’t actually have to go barefoot...although I do love to go barefoot most of the time!  
When you're walking barefoot you feel free, light, carefree and without restriction and you become more aware of the ground you're walking on. So...when you decide to live your life 'Barefoot' - it simply means that you're living a life of freedom, being able to do and go where you decide! You embrace your non-conformist side and you do life differently! ​
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